Day of all Hep Cats

HepCay Day 2014


AAAAAAND……finally it’s time for  the one and only BIG yearly event at Hep Cat store! Special guests, live music, and barbecue – they provide the meat, the heat and the chef to flip those burgers. I’m gonna flip some mean tunes and Thee Gravemen, Leadfoot Tea and J Tex will surely make the stage glow. See ya!




Two hard working drivin men

Teamed up with this smokin hot artist J Tex from Denmark on Saturday’s event at Hep Cat Store. If you by any chance missed out on this special occasion, check out his music here. See you rock’n’roll addicts at the next Hep Cat event on March 3…

Two hard workin drivin men

Two hard workin drivin men

Man at work

Man at work

  • Dj Undertaker Gravest hits #5

  • Dj Morticia’s mix #1

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