The royale Stockholm Tour 2013

As youngest princess M is getting ready to tie the knots with her American tycoon in Stockholm, I will keep the capital of Scandinavia boiling and trembling with wild tunes fo three nights in a row, starting Thursday June 6 at Big Jeff, followed by a special night at the exotic Tiki Room on Friday June 7 and tuning out at the great chill out Saturday afternoon at Stockholm’s finest lifestyle store Sivletto. Looking forward to changing the heavy southern fumes of Malmö’s outskirts for that special northern sinister air….

See you at the club, and remember: You got to have smelt a lot of mule manure before you can sing like a hillbilly!

Tiki Room

Sivletto 8/6 2013

Jivin’ Jamboree #3 coming up!

Get yourself down to Debaser this weekend for some real 50’s & 60’s Rock ‘n Roll, Rockabilly, Surf, R&B, Blues, Garage, Screamin Soul, Las Vegas Grind All Dayer! Live International Bands, DJ’s, Burlesque Revue, Vintage Market, indoor and outdoor stages…

I will be spinning some nice tunes at the out door patio from 20.00 and onwards…Don’t miss out folks!

Saturday June 1st 2013, Debaser Folkets Park Malmö Sweden
FREE event (free until 22.00)

Jivin' Jamboree 2013

Jivin’ Jamboree 2013

HOWLIN LOU & His Whip Lovers (Italy)
PAT McGINNESS & His 3 Stars
EL RAY (Denmark)

A Big Twang for instro killers

Getting ready for a real groovy event on May 11, Las Hultsfreed Grind, a strictly instrumental party with rockin’ acts, wild dj’s with only instrumental vinyl 45’s, burlesque dancing, exhibitions of tiki, dinner with fez, suits and dresses.
In other words…The Big Twang!

It will be held at Hotell Hulingen, Hultsfred, Sweden.
On stage: Mike Barbwire & The Blue Ocean Orchestra with support:The Riotous

The Big Twang

Doctor Rock and I will be  playing only instrumental vinyl 45’s of screamin’ rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly, surf terror, jungle exotica and wild rhythm ‘n’ blues shakers..

And this one just might end up on my turntable that special twangy night…

Savage songs for Sivletto

On request I had a little fun making a playlist for some friends at Stockholm’s coolest retro store, Sivletto. This is my special treat for all you sinners hiding from the cold winter storms…

DjUndertaker favourite songs January 2013

Savage songs

Sayonara, here comes the Astronauts!

Straight into my record stack from Japan: irresistable surf instrumental, Astronauts classic Surf Party.  Sounds even better wrapped up in a perfect Yokohama wave….


$7 a second…

…or a total of $1,100 for 2.44 min. That’s what you’d have to sneeze out of your wallet to lay your hands on this sweet Lemon Lime by The Tempests on ebay right now.

Worth it?

Definitely, if you ask me. Listen and see if you agree…

Ring my Bell, Gal!

I could hardly Bell-ieve it, but yes, the mailman brought me this piece of candy straight from France the other day after a tough ebay battle…

Proud owner of ‘Swamp Gal’ from 1959 by Mississippi born Tommy Bell. Also heard as a brilliant cover made by Swedish garage rock band The Nomads in 1988.

This killer just joined my 45’s!

Whatever you do, don’t miss this killer tune by Gino Washington! Will be on my turntable this year…

Slippin’ and slidin’

What a Dj does with a pair of Red Wings in the wintertime…

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